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PRO REFUND GROUP offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassinG

Data Protection, Investigation, and Capital Recovery across various international jurisdictions

If you have fallen prey to an internet scam or organized fraud, such as investment fraud, cryptocurrency scams, counterfeit online forex trading, or securities fraud, rest assured that our esteemed international team has successfully recovered millions of dollars in assets for our valued clients. To delve deeper into our offerings or to initiate a discussion regarding the assistance you require, we cordially invite you to reach out to PRO REFUND GROUP today.

In the realm of financial services, our platforms have facilitated the circulation of a staggering 12 billion dollars since 2016

This remarkable achievement is made possible through the utilization of synchronized data, which enables us to precisely and reliably detect the tracked amounts within the dynamic financial market. Our commitment to accuracy and specificity is reflected in the annual reports, which boast an impressive 93% success rate throughout the year. As we venture into the year 2021, we are proud to announce a groundbreaking milestone. Our cutting-edge technology has successfully detected the highest amount of funds circulated per second, reaching an astonishing 190,000$ in just a single second.

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In damages in 2021, that’s $190,000 every second

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Data exposures world wide in 2020

1504026 $

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International Reach

Building a Global Network for Success

PRO REFUND GROUP is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. with offices and representatives located across the globe in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, and South East Asia. This strategic presence allows us to effectively combat cybercrime, which thrives in these regions known as the world’s largest hub for various types of illicit online activities.


Successful investigations have PRO REFUND GROUP behind them

Success Stories

Alexander White - London, UK

Investment Scam

“ I enlisted the services of PRO REFUND GROUP to recover my investment of £80,000 in a crypto currency scam. With their expertise, PRO REFUND GROUP successfully traced my lost funds in the financial market, granting me access to retrieve them. Subsequently, we activated my account and initiated the withdrawal process. Remarkably, I was not required to pay any service fees until the funds were safely transferred to my bank account. The level of professionalism exhibited by PRO REFUND GROUP and their unwavering commitment to ensuring my access to the funds left me pleasantly surprised. This experience has truly been life-changing, allowing me to recoup my investment and restore my financial stability. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to PRO REFUND GROUP for their exceptional service and commitment to justice. "

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